JAMONES E. VELÁZQUEZ, SA is a modern drying installation, with an annual production capacity of 500,000 hams, that respects tradition in the selection, preparation and curing processes, characterized by a long cure Serrano Ham with a unique aroma and flavour.

Services offered:

        • Subcontracting
        • Deboning process

At JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ each ham is treated with special care in order to reach the customer in optimum condition, and in compliance with food quality and safety regulations. In addition to the implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the Serrano Ham ETG, JAMONES VELAZQUEZ is certified in IFS Food Safety Standars and has implemented within its Integrated Management System the ISO 9001 Quality Standard, and other Food Safety standards including ISO 22000, BRC, and Compliance Marco List.


Traceability allows you to identify and register the product from its origin to the end of the marketing chain. A strict monitoring of traceability is a prerequisite for JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ, serving as a means of ensuring food quality, providing detailed information about preparation processes, supporting the clients and allowing authorities to rapidly locate products in the event of an incident.


Getting a homogeneous product is one of the priorities of JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ, and to this objective we focus our efforts throughout the preparation process, from procurement of raw materials to the shipment of finished products to customers. We achieve this through the consistency and professionalism of our workers; the result of extensive training, good communications and continual employee motivation.


Our facilities and the particularities of our own eleboration process assure that the hams and shoulders from JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ offer a unique aroma and flavour easily recognizable to our customers.


We do what we say we will. In addition to contractual commitments and customer requirements, we ensure constant compliance with all applicable laws related to our business.


We strive on a daily basis to improve business processes in all our fields of activity, in order to get a high quality product and optimize the use of all resources.


The ultimate goal of JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ is excellence in product and excellence in the service we provide to our customers, taking into account the satisfaction of all our concerned parties (shareholders, suppliers and customers, administration, workers, the environment and society).

See Integrated Policy Management System PDF


JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ is committed to climate change mitigation. We adopt the best technologies (where available and economically viable) in order to efficiently use natural resources and raw materials consumed in our manufacturing processes. We are committed to the reduction and appropriate management of waste generated by our activities, and in general we seek to improve our environmental performance in order to actively promote the sustainable development of todays society.

As a sign of our Environmental Commitment, JAMONES VELÁZQUEZ has implemented its Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004, and we have been selected by the Government of Aragon to participate in the project ‘Arogonese Business for Environmental Excellence’ We also adhere to the Aragonese Strategy to Combat climate Change (EACCEL).